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The Ministry of Education Announced the Investigation: “Statistical Results of 2018 Survey of Students Use of Illegal Drugs”


To establish a long-term supervision system of drug abuse on campuses, and to understand the condition of students using illegal drugs, the Ministry of Education has continuously consigned National Yang-Ming University to undertake an analysis of the popularity of illegal drugs used by students. The inferential mother group of this investigation are students in primary, junior high, senior high, and vocational senior high schools, and colleges of our nation. A multi-stage stratified cluster sampling method was employed. According to the statistical results of 2018, 0.46% of students expressed that they had experience of using illegal drugs, which is slightly lower than the number in 2017 (0.47%). Although the condition of illegal drug usage varies according to different education levels, the results of the survey indicate that there is no significant increase in overall drug usage.

condition of students having experience of using illegal drugs