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Current Condition and Measures of the MOE’s All-Out Defense Education

  1. Preface

That all people equipped with the consciousness of national defense are the foundation stone of national security. In accordance with the inter-departmental division of work, the Ministry of Education, has been devoted to the fulfillment of All-Out Defense Education from an educational perspective. It is expected that, through the subtle influence of courses and diverse activities, students’ knowledge and competency in military education can be established and all-out defense consciousness can be attained, and thus all people are prepared with mental awareness for our national security.  

  1. Legislative References

The All-Out Defense Education Act and the All-out Defense Mobilization Readiness Act of our nation regulate that schools at all levels shall promote All-Out Defense Education, and depending on actual requirements shall integrate All-Out Defense Education into course teaching, and implement diverse teaching activities. The Implementation Regulations of National Defense Education Courses and Contents in Schools at All Levels and the Implementation Project of Schools at All Levels Promoting the National Defense Education regulated by the Ministry of Education state implementation measures of All-Out Defense Education at all educational stages, in order to embed and promote All-Out Defense concepts at all educational stages.


  1. Implementation Measures
  1. Fulfill course teaching

To connect with individuals, society, and the nation, from a security perspective, for the purposes of enhancing students’ understanding of the nation and related national measures, and expanding students’ international perspectives. The five major outlines of the courses are all-out defense, international situations, policies of national defense, defense mobilization, and the technology of national defense. To trigger students’ learning motivation and interests, courses are designed in accordance with students’ cognitive development, and in combination with life experiences, current affairs in society, international and domestic issues. The pedagogy emphasizes guiding students to actively perceive that national defense affairs are inseparable from daily life. In addition, the interactive process of discussion enables students to understand and acknowledge that their personal and group participation can influence national matters.

  1. Colleges and universities: All schools develop their own course contents, and plan required and elective courses, based on the five major outlines of all-out defense education and according to each school’s requirements and characteristics.
  2. Senior high schools: According to the All-Out Defense Education Curriculum Guidelines of 12-Year Basic Education, All-Out Defense Education courses are 2 credit required courses. Schools are encouraged to establish diverse elective courses, inter-disciplinary/ subject courses, or project-based inquiry courses in their school-developed curriculums related to All-Out Defense Education.
  3. Junior high and primary schools: Supplementary teaching materials have been edited by the Ministry of Education. The incorporation teaching method is applied in the implementation of current courses. In particular, the Ministry of Education has edited student books with a number of lively teaching materials, such as games, stories and comics. Not only are these materials convenient for teachers to integrate into their teaching, but they are also a good way for students to read on their own, which facilitates school promotion of related reading activities.
  1. The implementation of diverse guidance activities
  1. Implementing educational guidance activities for All-Out Defense Education, for instance, essays, posts (or comics), patriotic song competitions, live-fire drills (or paintball drills), and visits to national military barracks.
  2. Singing the national anthem and the national flag anthem during morning exercises, and holding flag raising ceremonies (depending on location), in order to strengthen students’ respect and recognition to the nation and the flag.
  3. Designing All-Out Defense Education topic activities and implementing related practices and exercises in combination with disaster prevention drill events on campuses.
  4. Establishing clubs related to the All-Out Defense Education, in order to assist in promotion of all kinds of All-Out Defenses Education activities.


  1. The expansion of educational promotion activities
  1. Implementing related teaching or promotional activities in combination with national festivals, folk customs and culture festivals, and school activities (for example, school anniversary celebrations, school sports competition days), in order to strengthen students’ patriotic spirit, and the sentiment of loving and caring for their hometown.
  2. Establishing specific areas for All-Out Defense Education promotion, posting related promotional information, and utilizing electronic boards, and websites to broadly promote All-Out Defense Education.
  3. Inviting media to interview and report all promotional activities, operational conditions and outcomes of All-Out Defense Education, in order to expand promotional effectiveness.
  1. Reviews and awards

Education administration authorities at all levels implement evaluations of lesson plans, outstanding teaching selections, thesis presentations, competitions, and activities related to All-Out Defense Education, review the All-Out Defense Education operational effectiveness of all units, and reward high-performing units or members.

  1. Conclusion

All-Out Defense Education is a current global trend. From an educational perspective, the value of All-Out Defense Education lies in enabling all people to think wisely about our national situation and perceive that the ability of individuals to live contented and prosperous lives is based on national security. The promotion of All-Out Defense Education at all educational stages is carried out through courses and activities in order to enable students to proactively gain knowledge and competency in All-Out Defense, to care for society and national security, and to pursue peace and stability. Hence, the goal of “Carrying out national defense education for all, carrying out All-Out National Defense with education” can be attained.