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Minister Chiang kicks off the 2012 Grandparents Day

Minister Chiang kicks off the 2012 Grandparents Day
In order to provide opportunity for the younger generation to have more interaction with their grandparents, Ministry of Education (MOE) identified the 4th Sunday of Aug. to be the “Grandparents Day”. In Taiwan, elementary schools normally start on Sep. 1st. Thus, the 4th Sunday on the Aug. is quite close to the school starting day. And hopefully it provides the chance for the grandparents to purchase stationary and other good stuff for their grandchildren and make it a good start. Or three generations of the family can just get together to celebrate and have a good time. On the kick off ceremony, MOE invites a few grandparents-grandchildren to share their experiences and the touching moments they had with a big crowd. Minister Chiang then happily cut the cake with some of the guests. The big smile from the photos should reflect they do have a good time. By the way, the so called “Grandparents Cake” with low fat, low sugar materials was made by Juang Jing Vocational School, located at the New Taipei City.