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The 2013 Taiwan Spring Blossom Mandarin Chinese Study Tour

The 2013 Taiwan Spring Blossom Mandarin Chinese Study Tour
Here comes the 2013 Taiwan Mandarin Chinese Study Tour. This Study Tour is an intensive and full-immersion program designed for international students. Students will attend courses and lectures which focus on learning traditional Mandarin Chinese characters and Taiwanese culture.
This past spring, there were 102 students from Nansan University, Kinki University, Ritsumeikan University, Nagoya University and Tokushima Bunri University from Japan that joined the 2013 Taiwan Mandarin Chinese Study Tour. A student (Narita san) from Kinki University described his experience as being completely different than what he first thought, but it was definitely worthwhile. His speaking and listening abilities improved rapidly within a few weeks. The Mandarin Chinese Study Tour was short, but it achieved its goal of enhancing students’ Mandarin Chinese language skills, as well as their knowledge and appreciation of traditional Taiwanese and Chinese culture. This field trip and the interaction with native speakers of Mandarin Chinese on a daily basis was a huge success. Their enriched learning experiences left them with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. They enjoyed their experience in Taiwan very much and wished they were able to stay longer.

In 2012, there were 439 Mandarin Chinese Study Tour participants from Japan, Korea, United States, Poland, Austria, Germany, France, Russia and Canada. The number of students from Japan that enrolled in this Mandarin Chinese Study Tour continue to grow. The high quality of the academic learning environment in Taiwan is quite convincing in attracting international students to study Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan.