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"Sun Wen and Japan" International Symposium held in Kobe

The "Sun Wen and Japan" international symposium was held in Kobe on July 6, 2013, jointly organized by National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall in Taipei and Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall in Japan. Nearly 70 scholars from National Taiwan University, Kyoto University, and Beijing University, all prestigious world-class universities, came to Kobe to participate.

Prof. Yasui Sankichi of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Kobe pointed out in the opening speech that Sun Yat-Sen had visited Kobe with the assistance of overseas Chinese and Japanese friends, and made a famous speech advocating his "Pan-Asian Doctrine" there exactly one hundred years ago. Dr Sun was cordially entertained by many distinguished Japanese at the place where the symposium was being held, and given this historical link, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Halls in Taiwan and Japan jointly holding the symposium was particularly meaningful.

Mr. Lin, Deputy Director-general of National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, said that Dr Sun had received much generous support from his Japanese friends when he was promoting the revolution that eventually led to the establishment of the Republic of China, and that Japan was the most important base for his revolutionary activities during his years of overseas exile. The holding of the symposium in Japan is a strong indication that the two halls will continue to maintain friendly relations.

Six papers were presented at the symposium, including one by National Taiwan University Professor Deng Zhi-Song, "Program Integrating Historical Data about Dr. Sun Yat-Sen with a Google Earth Platform" which vividly presents Dr. Sun Yat-sen's life using Google Earth mapping software. The program drew praise from the attending scholars, and will serve to deepen understanding of the historical facts related to the birth of the Republic of China.