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Gathering to Welcome Taiwanese “Youth Ambassador” Student Group to London

On Friday June 21st, 2013, nearly twenty guests with links to Taiwan gathered at a restaurant in London to welcome a group of six Youth Ambassadors from National Sun Yatsen University in Kaohsiung. The dinner, organised by the Taipei Representative Office in the UK marked the end of a two-week tour of Ireland and England made by the Taiwanese students in their Youth Ambassador roles.

The guests included British recipients of Huayu Enrichment Scholarships and Taiwan Scholarships who shall soon be departing for Taiwan to commence their studies; UK parliament employees who have visited Taiwan under the ‘International Youth Culture and Study Tour’ program administered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taiwan, and some who will visit this year; members of the British rock band ‘Transition’ (前進樂團), well-known in both Taiwan and the UK for their innovative music featuring Mandarin lyrics; and staff from the Taipei Representative Office in the UK involved in co-ordinating the event.

The Youth Ambassadors had spent the previous two weeks maintaining impeccable conduct, striving at all times to represent Taiwan in a positive light. They had adhered to a demanding schedule: visiting schools and universities (including LSE, the University of Cambridge, and Twickenham Academy in the final few days), engaging in educational and cultural exchange, participating in meetings, travelling to local attractions, and consuming vast amounts of fish and chips. They relished this opportunity to meet new people in a social setting, to relax, to chat informally and provide information and advice about living in Taiwan to those yet to experience it for themselves, and to enjoy a familiar Chinese-style meal.

As the friendly evening drew to a close, e-mail addresses and Facebook details were exchanged, and get-togethers in Taiwan and group trips were planned. For the Youth Ambassadors, the dinner proved a perfect end to their time in the UK, providing a welcome opportunity for relaxation and enjoyment. For their part, the British scholarship recipients departed with full anticipation, excitement and the adventure that studying in Taiwan would bring in the coming month.