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Warm reception at TECO-NY to start new school year

Warm reception at TECO-NY to start new school year
The Federation of Taiwanese Student Associations in New York (FTSANY) organized a reception to welcome Taiwanese students, new and old, on Friday, September 20. Over 150 students from all over the New York metropolitan area gathered on the first floor of TECO-NY to enjoy snacks, bubble tea, and games, and meet new friends.

Dr. CJ Liu, Director of Education, welcomed the students and encouraged them to explore and take in all that New York has to offer, especially its cultural and culinary treasures. FTSANY President Jasmine Chien (NYU) and Vice President Shelly Lu (Long Island University) urged students to “Like” the FTSANY Facebook page. Students can use it to connect, post housing questions, buy concert tickets, share coupon codes, or simply find friends nearby to play some basketball.

The reception also featured ice breaker games, plenty of Q&A prizes, and raffles for tickets to the upcoming annual FTSANY Welcome Party in mid-October. This year, for the first time ever, it will be held on a boat.

FTSANY, now in its 24th year, is a group of Taiwanese student organization leaders in the greater New York area. The group’s purpose is to collaborate to serve fellow Taiwanese students. They meet at least once a month, plan many popular cultural and educational events, and gather resources – for example internship and job opportunities – to help one another.

(photo)Over 150 Taiwanese students attended the 9/20/13 Welcome Reception held at TECO-NY.