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Color of Taiwan Adds up the Happiest 5k on the Planet Color Spectrum

Color of Taiwan Adds up the Happiest 5k on the Planet Color Spectrum
To encourage Taiwanese students to explore more about American culture during their study time in the US, the Education Division of the Taipei Economic and Culture Office in Houston took the opportunity to team up students named “Color of Taiwan” for the Color Run 5K marathon, which was held at the Minute Maid Park located in downtown Houston on October 27, 2013. Taking part in this world renowned race event--“The Happiest 5k on the Planet” paint race--demonstrates Taiwanese students’ passion for sports and love for being healthy.

The Color Run 5K is founded by Travis Snyder who is a triathlete and passionate runner. Snyder created his own running events about 10 years ago, in an effort to create a friendly running environment where professional athletes and first time runners could come together to enjoy this sport. The Color Run was therefore founded with no winners, no prizes, nor official times. “The Happiest 5k on the Planet” paint race has earned its reputation worldwide since 2012. Its promotion for good health and happiness brings the community together and raises of donations for different local and national charities whenever participants take part in this event. The un-timed event is definitely not about racing to the finish line, or getting the fastest finish time. It is about taking one’s time to enjoy having fun with friends and family members who are brought together through this unique running experience.

Participants first dress in white shirts. As they run to the different color stations which are set every kilometer, event staff and volunteers pelt these runners with colored powder. After participants ran through all the yellow, orange, pink or blue paint stations, an ever-increasing spectrum of color they are literally covered from head to toe in paint; thus creating the Jackson Pollock-esque painting effect on their shirts. At the finish line, blasts of music can be heared to urge the runners on.

The Taiwanese students who joined this event said that being part of the Color Run 5k was an extremely memorable and rewarding experience. The moment they crossed the finish line, the paint not only “colored” them literally, but also made their overseas’ study experience much more “colorful”! Moreover, they were representing Taiwan as student-ambassadors, their smiles promoting Taiwan’s image of friendliness on the world stage.