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2014 Annual Meeting of Taiwan Alumni Association in Sweden

The Education Division of the Taipei Mission in Sweden hosted the annual meeting of Taiwan Alumni Association in Sweden on 11 April 2014 in Stockholm. Seven alumni and Mr. Frank Chen, Secretary (and Acting Director) of the Education Division and Mr. Wu, the Consular Division Secretary took part in this year’s meeting.

One of the alumni, a young lady called Viktoria, said that Taiwan had left her with many good memories and impressions that she would never forget. Her experiences have become an irreplaceable part of her heart. Another alumni, Magus, said that he liked Taiwan so very much that he would like to do something which involved Taiwan in his future career.

Mr Chen commented on Taiwan’s having joined the developed countries in the world in recent times. Taiwan is known now for its human rights, democracy, and economic development, and Taiwan’s soft power and cultural influence is enjoying increasing growth. He expressed his hope that every alumnus will continue to be an enthusiastic cultural ambassador for Taiwan in their lives ahead.