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MOE Political Deputy Minister Huang Pi-twan Visits Schools in Hualien

MOE Political Deputy Minister Huang Pi-twan Visits Schools in Hualien
The MOE Political Deputy Huang Pi-twan and K-12 Education Administration officials visited schools in the eastern county of Hualien on April 17.

The first stop was Be-Bin Elementary School. Be-Bin has started ukulele lessons since 2010, which has become a feature of the school. They are invited to perform ukulele for public service and other occasions to integrate community resources and launch local marine education lessons in the seaside city through the power of music. They also held marine experience workshops with the aim of cultivating education in the field. The purpose of marine education was to instill a point of view which focuses on understanding, loving and cherishing marine resources.

The second stop was Guo-feng Junior High School. To cultivate multiple intelligences development, this school focused on students’ extracurricular living skills in addition to basic academic curriculum. Competitors from the school also won a Taekwondo World Cup gold medal; the school’s recorder team was named champion in a national competition. Moreover, the MOE recognized it outstanding in scout education. These are some achievements accomplished by Guo-feng Junior High School, expressed president Wu Pi-chu.

The last stop was National Guangfu Senior Commercial & Industrial Vocational High School. This school welcomed the visitors through a specially arranged welcoming dance by the indigenous dance club and a live bartender performance by the culinary department. In 2013, the school was qualified as the site for the national Chinese cuisine exam class B and C, the very first and only site in southern and central Hualien. The school won runner-up in the bakery division of the Golden Hand Prize in the 2013 national high school business department student skills competition. Moreover, it has promoted three career-driven classes: auto repair, catering and business, and it has integrated classes with local industries and encouraged workplace internships, which gives students more employment opportunities as they gain practical experience.