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Greater Chicago Chinese Schools Educational Fair

Greater Chicago Chinese Schools Educational Fair
The Chicago Taiwanese Moms group held the inaugural Greater Chicago Chinese Schools and Educational Fair at the Cultural Center of TECO in Chicago on May 3. They invited major Chinese schools in the greater Chicago area including the Chinese Cultural and Educational Association Chinese Language School, Good Deeds Chinese Academy, Naperville Chinese School, Chicago North Chinese School, Tzu Chi Academy, Chicago Northwest Suburban Chinese School, and Little Linguists Academy to set up booths introducing the features of their schools. TECO Chicago's Education Division, which supported the event and also provides the schools with standardized testing for adult and children's Chinese language, was on site to explain its testing standards and benefits.

This language education fair was organized in response to a decrease in the number of people of Chinese cultural heritage in the greater Chicago area which has resulted in many of the Chinese schools now having fewer students and teachers. The fair provided a good opportunity for the schools to show off their curricula, educational videos, and other engaging materials to parents and children alike. There was also a children's area, a games area. Some schools brought along small tables where advanced students helped younger children try out the learning materials.

Teachers were on the scene to give extemporaneous instruction and to explain their schools’ teaching practices one-on-one. The parents plied them with questions and many arranged follow-up on-site class visits at conveniently located schools.

The language education fair was a thriving endorsement of Chicago’s Chinese schools. It is also of great assistance for Chinese background parents who want their children to build and maintain their Chinese language skills, and get a head start joining the quickly growing trend, as Chinese language education spreads internationally.