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TECRO Education Division in Japan hosts a forum for Taiwanese students at Matsumoto Dental University

TECRO Education Division in Japan hosts a forum for Taiwanese students at Matsumoto Dental University
On April 29, 2014, Dr. Lin, the deputy director of the Education Division at the Taipei Economic and Culture Representative Office in Japan visited Matsumoto Dental University to hold an educational forum for the Taiwanese students there. The number of students from Taiwan at Matsumoto Dental University has increased rapidly in recent years. More than 63 enrolled this year. In light of this increase, the university invited Dr. Lin to visit the university, hold the forum and join in the annual Cherry Blossom Festival.

About 30 students participated in the forum. Dr. Lin provided them with a great deal of practical information. He first told them about the representative office and the education division, and the support and assistance activities that they provide; and the contact mechanism for Taiwanese students in Japan, and useful websites. He discussed safety and reminded them to always have their passports and alien registration cards with them at all times, and outlined the various scholarships available from the MOE, government, educational institutions, and private institutes, and how to apply.

Dr. Lin struck a personal note, speaking to the students about his own experience of coming abroad to Japan. He suggested that the students at Matsumoto Dental University should form their own Taiwanese student association to promote friendship and interaction among the Taiwanese students there. This would enable them to have easier access to a wider range of activities and interact more with each other. Moreover, the association could also keep in contact with the representative office and help ensure students’ safety in Japan. Such a student association would be eligible to receive funding support from the Taipei representative office in Japan within the jurisdiction area, and he advised them how to go out about applying to establish a Matsumoto Dental University Taiwanese student association.