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MOE Chinese Language Test held at Irvine Chinese School, California

The Children’s Chinese Competency Certification (CCCC) testing was developed by the Steering Committee of the Test of Proficiency (SC-TOP) to serve the growing population of young Chinese learners all over the world. This set of tests at three levels has been gaining increasing attention in the Los Angeles area since the pilot testing was held in Los Angeles in 2008. Irvine Chinese School joined the Buckley School, Broadway Elementary School, the Chinese School of San Marino, and AA Academy to hold the Children’s Chinese Competency Certification tests on November 16, with the assistance of the Education Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles.

Irvine Chinese School, founded in 1976, is one of the leading institutions dedicated to Chinese education in Los Angeles. It currently has more than one thousand students enrolled, ranging in age from five to eighteen. The CCCC tests have 2 major sections: listening comprehension, and reading comprehension. 154 students in 4th grade took the seedling level (for children who have accumulated at least 150 hours of Chinese learning) and 69 students in 5th graders took the blossoming level (for those who have had at least 300 hours of Chinese learning). It’s a big challenge for them, but very satisfying and encouraging to receive a certificate if they have mastered the necessary range of skills.

The children who participated in the CCCC tests in 2014 are all from Chinese heritage families. This is in complete contrast to the 2013 CCCC tests. The first-time testers in 2013 were all from families which are not native Chinese speakers, and they were tested at the sprouting level

“This test serves to evaluate our teaching method, materials and the curriculum” said Mrs. Yulan Chung, the school’s principal. The testing offers an opportunity for teachers to understand how their students are learning the language, and examine their teaching methods and future course planning to best meet their students’ needs.

The Ministry of Education in Taiwan is confident that the Children’s Chinese Competency Certification tests will help teachers teach more efficiently and effectively, and help parents and teachers to encourage more children to learn Chinese.