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Mandarin Education Workshop Showcases Great Success of Collaboration between Education Division-Houston and Asia Society Texas Center

Mandarin Education Workshop Showcases Great Success of Collaboration between Education Division-Houston and Asia Society Texas Center
Photo: (L-R) Michelle Wu, Director, Mandarin Daily News Language Center; Wang Mei-Hua, Commissioner. Overseas Community Affairs Council, R.O.C. (Taiwan); Annie Lee, Mandarin Daily News advisor; Louis Huang, Director-General, TECO in Houston; Sophie Chou, Director, Education Division; and Tseng Jr-Shi, General Manager, Lu Feng Technology Inc.

The Education Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Houston (TECO-Houston) and Asia Society Texas Center (Asia Society) worked together to present a 3-hour workshop promoting Mandarin education on Friday evening, November 14, 2014 at the Asia Society. The workshop was designed to bring together communities and schools to continue working collaboratively to give children a better education. Experts, teachers, and leaders in education were invited to address many practical aspects of the growing implementation of Mandarin education in the local school curriculum.

Dr. Terry Grier, Superintendent of the Houston Independent School District (HISD) was the keynote speaker. He was recently named the National Superintendent of the Year 2014 by the American Association of School Administrators in October, 2014, and has previously been named State Superintendent of the Year for both California and North Carolina. Dr. Grier shared details of his own language learning experience in Taiwan and his views on how multi-language proficiency and global awareness can lead students to future success. In his welcoming remarks, Mr. Louis Huang, the Director-General of TECO-Houston, noted that Taiwan is no stranger to the importance of international education, and innovative teaching techniques, while it continues to maintain the use of the traditional Chinese characters that have existed for thousands of years. A panel of language experts then discussed Mandarin education in the digital age, the usage of such language learning tools as singing, and collaboration to help foster a stronger community in Mandarin education.

In addition to all the presentations and discussion, and teaching materials on display, the workshop included a variety of hands-on activities for the classroom such as paper folding, calligraphy, a tea ceremony, and networking opportunities.

The event was wrapped up with a drawing of raffle prizes for the 120 participants who were also treated to hors d'oeuvres, all sponsored by the Education Division of TECO-Houston. And last but not least, each registered participant who attended this 3-hour workshop received a 2-credit professional development certificate.