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Zero Boundaries - 2014 New York inaugural exhibition of cutting-edge creativity from Taiwan

Zero Boundaries - 2014 New York inaugural exhibition of cutting-edge creativity from Taiwan
Photo:Education Director Charlin Chang (3rd left, front), Representative Wei Liang (Paul) Chang (4th left, front), and Deputy Director-General Alex Fan (5th right, front) and some of the 37 creative designers

Zero Boundaries was an inaugural exhibition in New York showcasing cutting-edge creativity, Taiwan style. It was held at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in New York City, with panel discussions in the afternoon on December 12, and an evening opening ceremony. The evening event included an art projection onto the outside of the TECO building in midtown Manhattan, transforming it into a fantastical eye-catching landmark. The collective animation included a romantic castle, and mysterious animal images and symbols that helped create a colorful lively atmosphere warming the winter evening.

The Education Division at TECO has organized exhibitions of art and design before but planning this joint exhibition was the first time it has collaborated with emerging designers. Zero Boundaries featured the work of 37 new generation artists and designers from Taiwan working in various media, including film, new media, and interactive design.

The 37 artists were selected from among thousands of applicants. Their work using an enormous variety of media and different creative approaches examines the boundaries between the disciplines of art, design, and technology.

Paul Chang, the Representative at TECO spoke at the opening ceremony: "This new collaborative art exhibition has successfully injected some of Taiwan’s wonderful creative energy into the lively New York winter streets, with the artists’ images projected onto the outside of our building. Zero Boundaries is showing off the creative design, and the professional skills, and design vision, and courage of the curatorial team that put it all together. Everyone can see the superb talent, artistic flair, and creativity of our new generation of artists and designers." And Charlin Chang, TECO’s Education Director said: "Some of the exhibiting artists have won numerous international level awards. Every piece is quite unique and reflects a quite distinctive creative approach. The exhibition offers a great opportunity to enjoy a high-level visual experience.”