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Taiwanese students in the Keihanshin region gather to celebrate New Year

Taiwanese students in the Keihanshin region gather to celebrate New Year
The Keihanshin Area Taiwanese Students Alumni Association held an end of year party in an Osaka restaurant on December 14, 2014. It was enjoyed by 220 Taiwanese students and guests from local universities, overseas Taiwan associations, Taiwan‒Japan goodwill associations, and student groups. The party was very lively and full of the joyful atmosphere associated with the New Year.

Tsai Ming-Yao, the Director-General of TECO in Osaka, pointed out that Taiwan and Japan enjoy very close bilateral exchanges. He expressed his hope that Taiwanese students would study hard during their stay in Japan and become a bridge facilitating further friendly exchanges between Taiwan and Japan after they graduate, no matter whether they then work in Japan or return to Taiwan.

Thanks to the year-end party committee’s meticulous planning, the participants all enjoyed delicious Taiwanese New Year dishes, and wonderful singing performances given by the students. The Taiwanese students in this region of Japan rarely have a chance to meet with other Taiwanese students from different universities, and the party provided an opportunity to meet, so the students took this time to swap details of their experiences of learning and everyday life.

The party ended with a traditional lottery drawing. The prizes included round-trip tickets between Taipei and Osaka, and gift certificates which had been donated by guests as an expression of their support for the students and desire to share blessings. The winners were very happy, and applauded with loud cheers, wolf whistles, and applause filling the party venue. Everyone wished each other a happy new year, and hoped the students would all have a fulfilling new year and go on to contribute to the country in the future.