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2014 Taiwan Higher Education Multiple Pathways Seminar

2014 Taiwan Higher Education Multiple Pathways Seminar
Hong Kong Association of Careers Masters and Guidance Master Limited held a Multiple Pathways Seminar on 24 November on higher education in Taiwan. The seminar was divided into 3 parts. In the first part, Plate-Forme (Hong Kong) Ltd shared experiences of overseas study in Taiwan. This was principally intended for students who were currently preparing to lodge a personal application to do so, giving them details about the procedures, the study environment in Taiwan, and study pathways.

The second part gave detailed information for people who want to apply through the United University Placement system. 250 people (100 students and 150 teachers) attended this part of the seminar. They were all very keen to obtain all the necessary information to ensure that Hong Kong students would receive the best care and services. They were also interested in how many people sat for exams and what proportion passed, and how students can choose courses that really interest them.

The seminar ended with a Q & A session for part 3. People expressed most concern about whether degrees from universities in Taiwan are recognized and accepted in Hong Kong. Sheu Ruey-horng, the Principal Deputy Director of the Liaison Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office reassured them and explained that this is not a problem. He pointed out that the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic & Vocational Qualifications has recognized 92.7% of the bachelor’s degrees from Taiwan that it has reviewed and this is clear evidence that degrees from universities in Taiwan are generally recognized in Hong Kong.

There are quotas on undergraduate courses in Hong Kong, so having the option of studying at a university in Taiwan is excellent for the graduates of Associate Bachelor programs.

Photo:Some of the 250 people attending the seminar.