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Taiwan University Representatives Give Seminars in Hong Kong for Students Heading to University

Hong Kong students recognize the quality and value of Taiwan’s higher education, and many Hong Kong students jointly apply for a place at universities in both Hong Kong and Taiwan through the “joint distribution system". This year’s results for those applying to begin a bachelor’s degree were released on August 8, and in combination with successful applicants for associate bachelor’s degree courses, those applying through the Division of Preparatory Programs for Overseas Chinese Students, and individual applications, more than 4 thousand students met the eligibility criteria this year, and were offered a place in a university or tertiary college in Taiwan, a higher number than in past years.

From August 3 to August 30, many Taiwan universities which recruit overseas Chinese students took part in seminars held at Highwise Service Foundation, Kwang Hwa Information and Culture Centre, and local schools to recruit students, and give information to help them transfer to university life. Tamkang University recruited the highest number of students this year, a total of 222, followed by I-Shou University with 207 students, and the Chinese Culture University recruited 188 students.

Presidents and deans of many universities took the time to attend the seminar, to help to explain admission matters to the students and also their family members. This is greatly appreciated by the parents who also like to attend. They really care about their sons and daughters and want to know just what university life will entail for them. Everyone’s many questions about beginning university life were clearly answered one by one.

Students who are already studying in the participating Taiwanese universities explained how to go about common practical matters, such as arranging flight tickets, how to get from the airport to their university, living expenses, and life in Taiwan Everyone who came along thought the seminar was very helpful for them.