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Representative Shen Ssu-tsun (沈斯淳) hosted the 10th Taiwanese and Japanese Student Conference - 100 Taiwanese and Japanese students took part

The Taiwanese and Japanese Student Conference has been held both in Taiwan and in Japan, every year since it was first hosted in Taipei in 2006. The 10th conference was held this year in Tokyo from August 18 to August 22 at Ochanomizu University (御茶水女子大學), one of Japan’s two national women’s universities, and 100 Taiwanese and Japanese students took part. Among the various topics discussed were physical education, psychology, suffrage, and international studies.

The participants also experienced Japanese culture and enjoyed Taiwan-Japan cultural night together. They went to Yamanashi (山梨縣) to watch a Taiko (太鼓) performance and try making botuo, a popular local noodle dish in Yamanashi prefecture, also called hōtō.

Shen Ssu-tsun (沈斯淳), Taiwan’s Representative to Japan, addressed the conference saying “In recent years Taiwan and Japan have formed special bonds as a result of our stronger relationships in the areas of industrial and business exchanges, and many aspects of education, culture, and technology.” He mentioned that he was looking forward to seeing more such bonds between Taiwan and Japan grow in the future.

A Japanese student representative Tanabe (田边千佳) spoke in Mandarin Chinese to welcome the Taiwanese students who were participating in the 10th Taiwanese and Japanese Student Conference, and he expressed hopes that the conference would bring them many good results and be an excellent experience.