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2015 Youth Ambassadors Delegation Visits Ottawa

A group of International Youth Ambassadors from Taiwan gave a 12-act performance entitled Energetic New Taiwan at Alumni Auditorium at Ottawa University on September 15. Energetic New Taiwan focuses on six different aspects of Taiwan: its natural environment, sustainable lifestyles, Taiwan’s cultural heritage, Taiwanese cuisine, Taiwan’s cultural creativity, and the warmth of Taiwan’s people.

After their performance, the delegation members were introduced, one by one, and then a video highlighting their preparations for traveling overseas as Youth Ambassadors was shown. This gives international audiences a better appreciation of the spirit behind the theme for all the 2015 delegations—Youth from Taiwan, Compassion for All.

As well as their cultural exchange role, another goal of the International Youth Ambassadors is to highlight the vitality and kindness of Taiwanese youth, and reiterate their commitment to help address issues of global concern, through avenues such as humanitarian aid and sustainable development. They work to demonstrate Taiwan’s authenticity, goodwill, generosity, and sophistication, and present people overseas with glimpses into Taiwan’s natural environment and cultural heritage, and the vitality of modern Taiwan.

160 college and university students were selected to serve as Youth Ambassadors this year, in one of 10 groups. Youth Ambassadors have visited 41 cities in 35 countries in the Asia Pacific region, North America, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and West Asia. They attend meetings and seminars, and give performances that combine dance and music. They introduce Taiwan and all that Taiwan has to offer to friends around the world through a wide array of exchanges and interactions that convey this year’s theme with a spirit of professionalism and teamwork.

The International Youth Ambassadors Exchange Program began in 2009. The program allows talented young Taiwanese to participate in international affairs and broaden their horizons, and increase understanding of our country’s development among various sectors of the countries they visit. The Youth Ambassadors raise people’s awareness of the important role Taiwan plays on the international stage as a provider of humanitarian aid, promoter of cultural exchanges, and standard bearer of traditional culture.