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2015 Taiwanese Student Composer Film Music Joint Concert in New York

2015 Taiwanese Student Composer Film Music Joint Concert in New York
The Education Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York (TECO-NY) presented 2015 Taiwan Film Music Production Presents: A Joint Concert in New York” on Novermber13. This was the fortieth event that the Education Division has held in over one year for talented young Taiwanese artists and performers to show their achievement and strength.

The concert featured seven Taiwanese young student composers undertaking a film scoring program: Julianna Shuo-An Chen, Hsieh Chih-Hsien, Jhu Cai-Jhen, Kuo Meng-Mei, Lee Wen Yu, Mitch Ming-Hsueh Lin, and Wang Ying-Chieh, showcasing their compositions with a chamber orchestra of thirty musicians. The concert presented various types of film materials - including shorts, animations, film clips, and commercials - with original Taiwan Style music, composed and re-arranged by these emerging film composers from Taiwan currently based in New York. The composers adopted different tone colors, harmonies, melodies, counterpoints woven and mixed together, to convey the emotions of heart-warming films, comedies, black-and-white films, modern minimalism films, and so on. The live orchestra played in sync with the videos, presenting the unique, magical, and dramatic music of the motion pictures.

A special guest, Mr. Mark Suozzo an associate professor in the New York University Film Scoring program, and a director, was invited to attend this event. He was excited and amazed by the concert, describing it as a wonderful and successful film music event. Education Division Director Charlin Chang expressed appreciation of all the hard work of the students, commenting that music is a tremendously important part of a film. Without wonderful music, a film wouldn’t be great as it is supposed to be.

Photo: New York University Film Scoring program director Mr. Mark Suozzo (center), Jennifer Yu, (wife of Paul Chang the Director-General of TECO, on his left), Education Director Charlin Chang (beside her, in red), and the seven composers