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2015 Taiwan Sports Elite Awards Ceremony

2015 Taiwan Sports Elite Awards Ceremony
Vice President Wu Den-yih 吳敦義 (left) presents Mr. Lin Min-cheng 林敏政 (right), with the Lifetime Achievement Award at our biggest annual sports event–the Taiwan Sports Elite Awards Ceremony—held on December 4, 2015.

Mr. Lin is renowned as a pioneer of scientific baseball training in Taiwan and has long been given the nickname of the “Baseball Ideas King”. He has devoted himself to training Taiwan’s baseball players for 50 years, including many of Taiwan’s baseball stars, and he established our hierarchal baseball system where players can begin with the Little League and move up through the Junior League, Senior League, Big League and reach the Professional League. The Vice President encouraged our athletes to follow his outstanding example, keep up the hard work, and maintain their passion, constantly striving to do better and conquer the next peak.