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NY Education Division holds Taiwanese Fashion Designers of America 2016 Fashion Show

Photo:Education Director Charlin Chang (2nd left, front row), New York designer Malan Breton (3rd left, front row), Director-General Lily L.W. Hsu (4th left, front row), special guests, designers, and models.

The Taiwanese Fashion Designers of America 2016 fashion show was held at the Education Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York (TECO) on Friday evening, February 5. Nearly 200 people attended this exciting fashion show, including many famous New York designers, such as Malan Breton, and Murat Aktihanoglu, the founder of Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, and overseas students from Taiwan.

The Education Division of TECO invited 8 young fashion designers from prestigious fashion design industry schools to exhibit their designs. Thirty international models brought to life the collection of couture and finely tailored garments, and wonderful jewelry and accessories in a wide range of styles. It was a totally fabulous night.

The fashion show primarily showcased 8 Taiwanese designers: Szu Ting Chen, Pei Ju Ni, Youning Cheng, Rachel Yi Yun Hsieh, Julia Chung Lin Wang, Angie Chuang, Hsiao Chun Chang, and Julia Yung Chieh Chang. The concept behind this exciting event was connecting with their Taiwanese heritage. The designers wanted to feature the strong culture bond through their designs. They took good advantage of this golden opportunity to celebrate their pieces and showcase how their creativity and unique vision has established Taiwan as a fashion beacon. In addition to the talented designers, the event spotlighted some of New York’s finest up and coming local makeup artists, and hair stylists, and striking runway models.

Lily L.W. Hsu, TECO NY’s Director-General attended the opening ceremony and praised the event, “I am so glad that the event is so very successful and I am so happy to see these young Taiwanese fashion designers take us exploring the New York Fashion Week and show the creativity, talent, ambition, and challenge they each have.” World famous designer Malan Breton was similarly enthusiastic about the show, saying: "They are fantastic, unique in style, creative, and full of development potential." Charlin Chang, the Director of TECO NY’s Education Division said: “In the past few years, the Education Division has held 45 events, and this fashion show is one of the most successful ones.”

To see some of the designers’ work, please visit the event website: