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2016 Visiting Scholars & Elite Professionals Forum in New England

2016 Visiting Scholars & Elite Professionals Forum in New England
Left to right: Mr. Su Hsin-Hao, Dr. Li Wu-Hsi, Ms. Wei Yu-Hsien, Dr. Wang Shih Hui, and Dr. Tsai Ming-Chi, from the New England Association of Chinese Professionals; Dr. Patrick Shen-Pei Wang from Northeastern University; Dr. Huang Po-Jung from Taipei Medical University Hospital; Mr. Kuan Juin-Yih from Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and Ms. Cynthia Huang, Director, Education Division, TECO-Boston.

The Education Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Boston (TECO-Boston), along with the New England Association of Chinese Professionals held the first forum of the 2016 Visiting Scholars and Elite Professionals Forum Series on April 17, at the Media Lab of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The key speakers were Dr. Huang Po-Jung , a medical specialist on breast health at Taipei Medical University Hospital, Dr. Patrick Shen-Pei Wang, a professor at Northeastern University, and Mr. Kuan Juin-Yih, a Ph.D. candidate at MIT.

Dr. Huang Po-Jung spoke on the topic of Breast Health Care in the 21st Century. Dr. Huang explained the symptoms of breast cancer, different types of examinations, and spoke about the possible factors that can cause the disease. He encouraged women to get examined regularly as an early diagnosis greatly increases the successful treatment and recovery rate. He also recommended exercising regularly, sleeping earlier, and maintaining a positive outlook as excellent ways to help us to stay healthy and prevent cancer.

Dr. Patrick Shen-Pei Wang works in the field of Computers & Information Science. He spoke on the topic of Humanities in Technology and talked about the relationship between technology and the liberal arts which play important roles in our society. Mr. Kuan Juin-Yih then gave a presentation called Bionics and Wearable Robots. Mr. Kuan is a PhD candidate at the Media Lab at MIT. He shared the story of the lab’s founder, Dr. Hugh Herr. Dr. Herr lost both his feet in an accident but he designed wearable equipment to assist him in walking and rock climbing. Dr. Herr’s major research is dedicated to developing wearable robots to help those in need to walk, to run, and even dance again, improving their quality of life using technology.

Audience members in the lecture had opportunities to ask questions and interact with the speakers during the event. Two more equally informative forums took place on the MIT campus on May 21 and on June 11.