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See your dream come true in New York City!

See your dream come true in New York City!
Photo:Professor Tseng Chiung-Yi from Ming Chuan University Counselling (2nd left), and 12 outstanding students from the Industrial/Organizational Psychology Department visiting NY under the Pilot Overseas Internships program, with Charlin Chang, NY Education Director (4th left), Jennifer Wang, Deputy Director (1st left), and Jimmy Zhou, Stony Brook University Taiwan Association president (2nd row ,1st right)

A group of 12 students from the Industrial/Organizational Psychology Department at Ming Chuan University, led by Professor Tseng Chiung-Yi, are spending a month in New York City. The students are taking part in the Pilot Overseas Internships program offered by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education. The program’s Chinese name, 學海築夢, includes two characters meaning “build your dreams’.

Under this pilot program the Ministry subsidizes overseas internships which give participating students who have been selected by their university a wonderful opportunity to gain experiences in an overseas enterprise or professional institute. The goal of the program is for the recipients to get practical “hands-on” training and broaden their vision by undertaking an internship with an overseas enterprise or institute.

The students will spend their time serving in local community organizations, Chinese Christian Herald Crusades (角聲學苑), and Union Plaza Care Center (友聯護理中心) in Flushing in New York City.

On June 29, 2016 TECO-NY Education Director Charlin Chang hosted a welcoming tea party for Professor Tseng and the students and expressed her congratulations and encouragement. She described the students as being full of passion, highly motivated, and outstanding, and told them that they should use this golden opportunity to study in a foreign nation and take in the allure and culture of a new land. They will experience a completely unfamiliar country, people with incredible new outlooks, and new and intriguing customs and activities. They should try to see many new terrains, natural wonders, museums, and landmarks.

Professor Tseng encouraged her students to take the very best advantage of all that this rare opportunity provided to enhance what they have already learned in the classroom. Working in the overseas enterprise or professional organization will definitely deepen their understanding of theory and strengthen their ability to marry theory with practice, and give each of them a global perspective,