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Students from Kun Shan University Do Internships with a Non-Profit Organization in Boston

Students from Kun Shan University Do Internships with a Non-Profit Organization in Boston
Left to right: Kuo Tai-Ching, Yu Tzu-Chieh (Kun Shan University); Cynthia Huang, Director, Education Division, TECO-Boston; Professor Jrhuey Leu, Huang Yu-Chi, and Chung Wei-Jen (Kun Shan University).

Students of Kun Shan University, undertook an internship at Habitat for Humanity Greater Boston, a non-profit organization, in July and August, 2016, with support from a grant from the Ministry of Education, Republic of China (Taiwan).

Cooperation between Kun Shan University and Habitat for Humanity Greater Boston began in 2013. Professor Jrhuey Leu led the students undertaking the eight-week 2016 summer program. The internship program is sponsored by the Pilot Overseas Internships and the Teaching Excellence Project of the Ministry of Education. It consists of a 320-hour internship and the students earn 3 academic credits.

The students worked at ReStore, a second-hand store run by Habitat for Humanity in Greater Boston, sorting out donated clothes and furniture, and answering questions from donors. They also took part in building a house for low-income families – learning how to saw wood and install floors. The students also made significant progress with their English proficiency, gained experience operating a non-profit organization, and broadened their international perspective.

Ms. Cynthia Huang, Director of the Education Division at TECO-Boston, visited the students at a construction site on behalf of the Ministry of Education. She expressed appreciation to Gerry Patton, the construction superintendent, and Mike Rousch, construction site supervisor, for providing these students from Taiwan with such a valuable opportunity to have some practical training and to understand the needs of underprivileged families.