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2016 Malaysia Secondary School Counselors Workshop

2016 Malaysia Secondary School Counselors Workshop
The 2016 Malaysia Secondary School Counselor Workshop was held from November 26 to 28, 2016 in Genting Highland in Pahang and received an overwhelmingly positive response from the 160 participants.

The three-day workshop was jointly organized by the Taiwan Education Center in Malaysia (MTEC), Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), and Feng Chia University in Taiwan, to improve and strengthen the professional teaching and counseling skills of counselors and educators working in secondary schools.

The workshop received great support from the Malaysian officials and local authorities, as well as from school inspectors from nine different states of Malaysia.

In his remarks at the opening of the workshop, Dr. Pei Liu, the Director of MTEC said that MTEC is playing an important role in promoting Taiwan higher education to Malaysian students, and at the same time it is also collaborating with local institutions to support to the development of education in Malaysia

He pointed out that over the years, MTEC has been constantly building up training programs and workshops to improve the teaching quality and performance of local teachers, and arranging study trips for educators from Chinese schools to visit institutions of higher education in Taiwan.

Mr Chu To-Ming, Director of the Education Division at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia (TECO) and Ms Canny Yi-Ken Liao, deputy director of the Education Division, TECO, gave a presentation on the topic of an “Overview of Malaysian students studying in Taiwan” on November 28, 2016. They provided a general picture of Taiwan’s higher education environment and outlined the steps to further study in Taiwan.