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Taiwan attends Seoul International Invention Fair 2016

Taiwan attends Seoul International Invention Fair 2016
A 190-person delegation from Taiwan led by Mr. Chen Tsung-Tai, Chairman of the Taiwan Invention Association (台灣發明協會理事長陳宗台) attended the 2016 Seoul International Invention Fair, the second largest number of participant after the host country, Korea. The Taiwan teams achieved very gratifying results, winning a total of 132 awards, and 6 special prizes, the best overall result among all the participating countries
The 2016 Seoul International Invention Fair was held at COEX Hall in Seoul from December 1 to 4, sponsored by the Korean Intellectual Property Office and the Korean Invention Promotion Association. The Fair is an event dedicated to promoting international competitiveness and economic development through technology innovation. The 2016 Fair attracted participants from 31 countries presenting a total of 639 inventions as entries.
The teams from Taiwan won 39 gold awards, 42 silver awards, 51bronze awards, and 6 special prizes, including the grand prize, the highest award of the Fair. The grand prize was won by Far East University (遠東科技大學) which is located in Changhua County. Their prize-winning entry was a Lifting Trolley with an Automatically Balancing Function (具自動平衡功能之升降推車) which can keep goods in a horizontal position for loading, unloading, and transporting, uphill and downhill.
Cho Ya-Lun (卓亞倫), Secretary at the Education Division of the Taipei Mission in Korea, was invited to the award ceremony. She met the team members from Taiwan and brought a letter from the Minister of Education, Dr. Pan Wen-Chung (潘文忠), congratulating the team on their remarkable achievements.

Dr. Hsia Kuo-Hsien (夏郭賢), a professor at Far East University, and Wang Tzu Yuan (王子元) a Far East University student, with Cho Ya-Lun, Education Division Secretary, with the Lifting Trolley with an Automatically Balancing Function entry which was awarded the Grand Prize.