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First American to Receive Taiwan Education Award

First American to Receive Taiwan Education Award
During his 12-year tenure at the Education Board in Houston Independent School District (HISD), Mr. Greg Meyers established an educational connection with the Education Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Houston in 2013. Since then, beneficial exchange programs for teachers and students in HISD and Taiwan have been created.
Working together with the Education Division of TECO in Houston, Greg Meyers supported and successfully promoted educational collaboration between Taiwan and HISD. This included: a visiting Chinese language teacher agreement between Taiwan’s Ministry of Education and HISD; an education partnership between Taipei City Department of Education and HISD; sister school agreements between Taichung Huiwen Elementary School and Sharpstown International School, and Ed White Elementary School; and opening the WOW TAIWAN Mandarin Chinese program run by the Citizen Schools Texas that helped close the learning gap for students from disadvantaged families.

As well as promoting exchange programs for teachers and students of both Taiwan and Houston, Greg Meyers has also put lot of effort into establishing partnerships between educational administrative agencies in Taiwan and in HISD. Action speaks louder than words and Greg Meyers has participated in educational activities associated with Taiwan. For example, he hosted several delegations from Taiwan, such as the Starlight performance group, and the Taipei Youth Folk Sports Performing Group. In an interview with the CommonWealth Magazine he shared his education philosophy and ideas: this is to put children first and create more opportunities for disadvantaged students.
In light of his contribution to education, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of China (Taiwan) awarded Greg Meyers the top honor given to educators in Taiwan to recognize his achievements. Greg Meyers is the first American to ever receive this award from Taiwan’s Ministry of Education, and the twelfth foreigner to be honored this way.
The award ceremony was held at the HISD Board Meeting on June 8, 2017. Louis M. Huang, Director General of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Houston presented the Medal and Certificate on behalf of the Republic of China (Taiwan). The Director General quoted Superintendent Carranza’s 2017 State of the Schools speech from February, in which people’s engagement in education was requested. Greg Meyers’ partnership with the Education Division of TECO in Houston presents a role model for our community.
Trustee Anna Eastman presented a recognition proclamation to Mr. Meyers on behalf of Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Houston City Council members Jack Christi and Steve Le, HISD representative Jason Bernal, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Liang of the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce of Greater Houston also participated.

Picture:Director General Louis M. Huang (left) presents the Professional Education Medal and Certificate to Greg Meyers, former trustee of the Board of Education of HISD