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Belgian students attend orientation to study in Taiwan

Belgian students attend orientation to study in Taiwan
Each year, the Ministry of Education offers Taiwan Scholarships to encourage outstanding foreign students to pursue tertiary studies in Taiwan, and Huayu Enrichment Scholarships to encourage outstanding foreign students to study Mandarin in Taiwan. The Education Division of the Taipei Representative Office in the EU and Belgium holds a selection procedure each year for Belgian and Luxembourgian applicants for these scholarships. This year, 13 Belgian students were awarded a Huayu Enrichment Scholarship and one Belgian student received a Taiwan Scholarship.

Huayu Enrichment Scholarship recipients include students from the Catholic University of Leuven and from the Free University of Brussels, with academic backgrounds in various sciences, business administration, and translation. Hanne Van Regemortel, a University of Antwerp student received a Taiwan Scholarship. Her university has an exchange agreement with National Chiao Tung University and Hanne studied there last year, from February until July. She enjoyed her time in Taiwan so much that she decided to return and deepen her understanding of Taiwan’s culture and language while undertaking a master’s degree there in social sciences.

To help the scholarship recipients prepare for living and studying in Taiwan, the Education Division held an orientation meeting on August 11, 2017. Deputy Representative Terry Ting hosted the meeting. He provided the students with ample information and encouraged them to study the Chinese language and culture. Two former scholarship recipients, Axel Dessein and Vera Tersago, also attended and enthusiastically shared details of their experiences in Taiwan students and answered the questions raised by the students. By the end of the meeting, all the students were eagerly making plans and looking forward to their stay in Taiwan.

Photo:Deputy Representative Terry Ting with eight of the 2017 Huayu Enrichment Scholarship and Taiwan Scholarship recipients and two former scholarship recipients.