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Taiwan Delegation of Educators visits Korea

Taiwan Delegation of Educators visits Korea
A delegation of ten educators organized by the Ministry of Education (MOE) of Taiwan consisting of high school principals, university professors, and members of the Joint Board of College Recruitment Commission led by Mr. Chu Chun-chang, Deputy Director-General of the Ministry’s Department of Higher Education, came to Korea on a goodwill visit from September 10 to 13, 2017.
The purpose of their visit was to get a better understanding of Korea’s higher education and university admission procedures, as well as the educational administrative guidance provided by the Korean Ministry of Education.
During their stay, the delegation visited Seoul National University where they were received by Dr. Park Chan Wook, the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Education, Provost, and Dean of the Graduate School; Dr. Ahn Hyunkee, the Dean of Admissions; and personnel from the university’s International Affairs Office. They had extensive and in-depth discussions on student recruitment, admission strategies, and the impact on student recruitment of the trend towards people having fewer children, and the countermeasures that Seoul University is taking to address this trend.
The delegation also visited the Korea Council for University Education, and Dr. Kim Choon-ho, the President of State University of New York in Korea at Incheon Songdo Global University Campus, and the Vice President, Dr. Kim Jong-soo, discussed the university’s operation strategies and recruitment of international students. In addition, they enjoyed tours to learn about Korean culture.
All the members of the delegation believe that the visit to Korea has greatly helped them to understand Korea’s educational policies, and that there will be more interactions and exchange visits between the two countries in the future.

Photo:Dr. Park Chan Wook, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Education (4th left), welcomed Mr. Chu Chun-chang (5th left) and the delegation to Seoul National University.