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2017 Taiwan Higher Education Fair in Bangkok Attracted Many Interested Students

2017 Taiwan Higher Education Fair in Bangkok Attracted Many Interested Students
The 2017 Taiwan Higher Education Fair was held at the Central World Plaza in the heart of Bangkok on October 2 and 3. It was organized by the Taiwan Education Center in Thailand with the assistance of National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, with the aim of providing information about opportunities for studying for a higher degree in Taiwan, and the scholarships available.
The Fair gives visitors a wonderful opportunity to talk with representatives from universities that they or their children might like to attend, and to collect valuable information about the many courses available, the application procedures, and scholarship programs. Almost 30 universities from Taiwan participated, including prestigious universities such as National Taiwan University.
Thailand’s revered late king, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej had a vision of Thailand’s advanced educational institutions, preparing the Thai people to become agents of change for national development. During his late majesty’s time on the throne, Thailand moved forward from being a mainly agricultural society, to become Southeast Asia’s second-largest economy.
Taiwan shares his late majesty’s vision of the vital role that education can and must play, and the aim of the Fair was to introduce Thai students to many of the high-quality universities in Taiwan, and to facilitate educational exchanges between Taiwan and Thailand.
Taiwan’s government is now strongly promoting the New Southbound Policy and it emphasizes developing people-oriented, two-way exchanges, the sharing of resources, and nurturing mutual prosperity here in our region. In conjunction with this, the Ministry of Education is subsidizing universities and colleges in Taiwan to offer three different industry-academia cooperative education programs, and 602 places in these programs have been allocated for students from Thailand.
It is hoped that this Fair and the new measures will result in more Thai students studying in Taiwan, and more educational exchanges between Taiwan and Thailand being undertaken in the near future.

Photo:Ribbon-cutting at the opening ceremony of the Fair
L-R: Mr. Arthur Liu, General Manager, China Airlines Thailand Branch; Dr. Min-ling Yang Education Counselor, Ministry of Education (Taiwan); Dr. Tung Chen-yuan, Representative at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand; Dr. Sanor Klinngam, President, Phetchaburi Rajabhat University; Mr. Monthon Paksuwan, Director, Office of the Private Education Commission, Ministry of Education, Thailand.