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International Industry-Academic Cooperation Meeting in Bangkok

International Industry-Academic Cooperation Meeting in Bangkok

In conjunction with Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan Tech) hosted the International Industry-Academic Cooperation Meeting at the Taiwan Association of Thailand on January 15, 2018. The Taiwan Association of Thailand is located in Samut Prakan, an important satellite city in the metropolitan area of Bangkok which is home to thousands of Taiwanese businesses. In his presentation at the International Industry-Academic Cooperation Meeting, Wang Chen-Hao, director of the Technology Transfer Center at Taiwan Tech, pointed out that Taiwan Tech owns 844 patent rights worldwide, despite the fact that the university only has a relatively small number of faculty members. The patented technology can be applied by Thai industries to boost their competitiveness. Similarly, he advised many Taiwanese business people who have established a business empire in Thailand, to use advanced technology and highly skilled human resources from Taiwan to transform their business and meet the challenges of digitalization. He assured them that Taiwan Tech welcomes cooperation with the business sector in Thailand. Guo Jing-ming, director of the Business Incubation Center at Taiwan Tech, also addressed the meeting. He mentioned that Taiwan Tech developed a Mini-Garage Model for professors and students to start up their own business, in the hope of cultivating future entrepreneurs. Many universities in Thailand have also set up business incubation centers and so many opportunities for mutual collaboration lie ahead. Taiwan is well-known for its high quality science and technology education and its capacity to quickly adapt to fast-changing industrial environments. Taiwan could assist the Thai government, Thai universities, and Thai industries to plan programs for training skilled people to work for industries. We hope that the industry and academic sectors in Taiwan and in Thailand will rapidly grow stronger together through such collaboration. Photo:Participants in the International Industry-Academic Cooperation Meeting at the Taiwan Association of Thailand.