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5th Calligraphy Contest Award Ceremony

5th Calligraphy Contest Award Ceremony

The Taipei Representative Office in the EU & Belgium, in collaboration with the KULeuven, Campus Brussels, has held an annual calligraphy contest, for five years now in the context of the Chinese language classes taught at the Faculty of Humanities, to introduce the beauty of this traditional Chinese language related cultural activity to curious students. This year’s contest attracted about 20 participants, from KU Leuven and from other universities as well. Everyone had a great time learning how to use the special calligraphy brushes and practice their writing before handing in their best work to be judged.  
The three winners were invited to an award ceremony on April 26, hosted by the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Prof. Lieven Buysse, where they were presented with prizes provided by the Taipei Representative Office. The Dean expressed his great admiration for the art of calligraphy and happiness that his students have an opportunity to learn to practice this art, as well as learning about the culture and the linguistics behind it. Deputy Representative Terry Ting had the honor of awarding the prizes to the selected winners. He was happy to meet the enthusiastic participants and hopes that more students will find their way to the calligraphy contest in the coming years.
The first prize winner was Mr. Antoine Collard, a student from the Catholic University of Louvain (UC Louvain), who has a great affinity for Taiwan and plans to commence his master’s degree studies at National Chengchi University next academic year.  The second prize went to Ms. Eugénie Mattelaer, who took the Chinese language class at KU Leuven Campus Brussels last year and is looking forward to taking an intensive Chinese summer course at National Cheng Kung University in August. The third prize went to Eva Gatz, a current student in the Chinese language class at KU Leuven Campus Brussels.