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Electro Neon God and other cultural activities feature at inaugural Taiwan Fair at CSUSB

Electro Neon God and other cultural activities feature at inaugural Taiwan Fair at CSUSB

The Education Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in LA worked with California State University at San Bernardino (CSUSB) to hold its first “Taiwan Fair” on May 24, to encourage students to study in Taiwan and learn the Chinese language, and about Taiwanese culture.
The fair, which took the form of a cultural workshop, was initiated by Chinese language instructor Corrina Shih. She reached out for sponsorship from the CSUSB Department of World Languages and Literatures, and the Educational Division of the Taipei Economic Cultural Office in Los Angeles. The fair was open to all CSUSB undergraduate and graduate students interested in learning more about Taiwanese culture and getting some hands-on experience with Chinese art. It included a dance performance by the Electro Neon God, demonstrations of traditional Chinese brush painting, and decoration of paper fans, zodiac charms, and sky lanterns. Around 80 students participated.

Rebecca Lan, Director of the Education Division explained to the participants why Taiwan is regarded as one of the best and most completely preserved repositories of Chinese culture in the world. Taiwan’s culture is a blend of aboriginal cultures, traditional Chinese culture, Japanese culture, and Western-influenced cultures. If we look back the history of Taiwan over the past 400 years, it is easy to understand how Taiwan has been able to integrate elements from so many different sources. She encouraged the students to take advantage of the opportunities available to study abroad in Taiwan, because the most effective way to learn the Chinese language and culture is to immerse yourself into such an environment. And as well as that, studying abroad is an adventure that builds self-confidence, interaction skills and global perspective. It helps the development of critical communication and interpersonal skills needed in today’s workforce and so directly enhances employability.

Dr. Tomás Morales, the president of CSUSB, stopped by at the workshop to show his support. He encouraged the participating students to study abroad and told them that CSUSB is establishing exchange programs with universities in Taiwan. When he asked them how many would join the program to study abroad in Taiwan, many raised their hands without hesitation.

Photo:CSUSB president, Dr. Tomás Morales, with the Electro Neon God, giving the gesture of the Coyotes, the university’s mascot.