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Taiwan Alumni Networking Meets to Promote Taiwan–Thailand Collaboration

Taiwan Alumni Networking Meets to Promote Taiwan–Thailand Collaboration

The excellent quality of higher education in Taiwan is recognized worldwide and this has attracted many foreign students to study there. There were 2,125 students from Thailand studying in Taiwan in 2017, of whom 847 were studying for a degree. Many Thai graduates of universities in Taiwan return to Thailand to work as professors in universities, or managers of IT companies, or run their own business. It is important to have a good network to allow the alumni of universities in Taiwan to share their study-in-Taiwan experiences with each other and with young Thai students who are planning to study in Taiwan.
The Education Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand, and the Taiwan Education Center in Thailand have put a lot of effort into creating the Taiwan Alumni Network and calling on the alumni to connect with each other. The Taiwan Alumni Network was launched in February, and Korawit Chaisu was elected chairman at the first meeting. The second meeting was held in Bangkok on June 9 to plan future activities and discuss how to attract more members.
The newly established network still has a small number of members, and it is important to invite more people to join, so the following decisions were made at the second meeting:
1. To set up a “Taiwan Alumni Networking” group on Line, and a “Taiwan Alumni Networking” Facebook group and invite Thai people who have studied a course or degree program at a college or university in Taiwan for over six months to join. The Taiwan Education Center in Thailand will assist the chair, Korawit Chaisu, to administer the Line and Facebook groups.
2. To invite outstanding alumni to share details of their experience and achievements with members and encourage others to join the Taiwan Alumni Network. 
3. To hold the next meeting in July and invite members of the alumni associations of   fifteen universities in Taiwan to attend and join the discussion and invite those people to work together to promote activities of the Taiwan Alumni Network.
The Taiwan Alumni Network will be able to function as another bridge for education exchanges between Taiwan and Thailand, and it can play a valuable role in giving Thai students first-hand knowledge and reliable information about studying in Taiwan from their fellow Thais, some of whom have spent years earning a higher degree in Taiwan.

Photo:Taiwan Alumni Networking group after lunch.