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More Than 60 Universities Participate in 2018 Malaysia–Taiwan University President Forum

More Than 60 Universities Participate in 2018 Malaysia–Taiwan University President Forum

63 universities from Taiwan and Malaysia participated in the first Malaysia–Taiwan University President Forum held at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia on July 26, 2018.

The forum, organized by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and co-organized by National Taiwan University, drew more than 80 representatives from 37 universities in Taiwan and 26 universities in Malaysia, including university presidents, vice presidents and deans.
Dr. Leether Yao, Political Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Education in Taiwan, also attended and gave an address during the opening ceremony. He expressed hopes that the first Malaysia–Taiwan University Presidents’ Forum will help generate more avenues for cooperation between the universities and research institutes in Malaysia and in Taiwan.

He pointed out that an educational leaders’ forum brings people together to share their ideas and experiences regarding the practical details of higher education development and international cooperation, and it provides an opportunity to discuss further cooperation between their higher education institutions.
“Like Malaysia, Taiwan is strongly committed to fostering international education partnerships. High quality cross-border education helps to equip students with competencies that they’ll need to participate in an increasingly global society. And it helps them to cultivate a global vision.”

He believes that it is educators’ responsibility to increase the range of opportunities available for people who want to study, or do an internship, or undertake collaborative research abroad.

Taiwan and Malaysia are geographically close, and enjoy frequent exchanges and cooperation in trade, culture and education area. Malaysia is a major source of Taiwan’s foreign students. There are currently 17,079 Malaysian students in Taiwan, a 65% growth compared to the number in 2013. These students are particularly welcome as Taiwan implements the government’s New Southbound Policy, a feature of which is to build wide-ranging and mutually beneficial links with countries in Southeast Asia.

Photo:Participants in the “2018 Malaysia–Taiwan University President Forum” .