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2018 Yushan Forum session “Empowering the Talents”

2018 Yushan Forum session “Empowering the Talents”

Minister of Education Dr. Jiunn-rong Yeh was the moderator for the opening session of the Yushan Forum, on October 11. The session was on “Nourishing the Future – Empowering the Talents for Regional Development” and six distinguished guests from the parliamentary, public administration, and academic sectors of India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam took part as panelists. Hundreds of local university presidents and international affairs directors also attended.
Minister Yeh began the session saying “Education can serve as the stable fulcrum for Taiwan’s Vision 2030, by enabling the next generation of professionals – regardless of what field they work in – to find the crucial way to address whatever challenges they might face, challenges coming from all different directions, with maximum effectiveness”.
This first session of the Yushan Forum covered a lot of practical issues. The main                take-away conclusions are:
1. Taiwan should enhance the mutual understanding of each other’s religion, culture, law, language, and social development, with the countries in Southeast Asia and South Asia (the so-called NSP countries).
2. Taiwan should cooperate closely with the NSP countries regarding climate change, democracy, Industry 4.0, language learning, and sustainable development.
3. More resources should be allocated to student mobility in order to enhance the links with all the countries in the Asian region.

Photo1:Minister of Education, Dr. Jiunn-rong Yeh giving his opening address.