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2018 Taiwan Higher Education Fair in Bangkok Attracted Many Thai Students and Parents

2018 Taiwan Higher Education Fair in Bangkok Attracted Many Thai Students and Parents

The 2018 Taiwan Higher Education Fair was held at Gateway Ekamai in the heart of Bangkok on August 24 and 25. This annual higher education exposition, now in its sixth year, was organized by the Taiwan Education Center in Thailand with the assistance of National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, with the aim of providing information about opportunities for studying for a higher degree in Taiwan, and the scholarships available to attract Thai students to choose Taiwan as their study destination.

Twenty-seven universities from Taiwan participated this year, including many with a science and technology focus. The Fair gave visitors an opportunity to talk with representatives from universities that they or their children might be interested in attending, and to ask for more details about the courses available, the application procedures, and scholarship programs.

Thailand has become Southeast Asia’s second-largest economy and education is playing a vital role in its rapid ongoing national development. As well as introducing Thai students to many of the high-quality universities in Taiwan, another purpose of the Fair was to facilitate more educational exchanges between Taiwan and Thailand.

Taiwan’s government is strongly promoting the New Southbound Policy, which it launched two years ago. A central focus of the policy is to increase and strengthen links with many neighboring countries in Southeast Asia. The emphasis is on developing people-oriented, two-way exchanges; sharing resources; and nurturing mutual prosperity here in the region.

International cooperation is an excellent way to enhance educational and research effectiveness, and to train and educate a highly skilled workforce; a workforce that is equipped with the very latest knowledge and professional expertise, and with the competencies that are needed to participate in our increasingly knowledge-based global society.

We hope this year’s Taiwan Higher Education Fair will result in more Thai students undertaking studies and internships in Taiwan, and in more educational exchange activities between Taiwan and Thailand. 

Photo:From left: Mr. Chang Wei Pien, Chairman of the School Board and School Licensee of the Thai-Chinese International School; Dr. Tung Chen-yuan, Representative at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand; Mr. Andy Cheu-An Bi, Director General of the Department of International and Cross-strait Education of the Ministry of Education (Taiwan); and Mrs. Sukanit Piyavittayanon, from the Office of the Private Education Commission, of the Ministry of Education, Thailand at the ribbon cutting at the opening ceremony of the Fair.