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Annual Meeting of Taiwanese Student Society Presidents at UK and Ireland Universities is held in London

Annual Meeting of Taiwanese Student Society Presidents at UK and Ireland Universities is held in London

The Education Division of the Taipei Representative Office in the UK hosts an annual meeting for office bearers of Taiwanese student societies and associations in universities in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, as a means of connecting and reinforcing links with overseas students from Taiwan in the UK and Ireland. This year’s meeting was held on Saturday,  November 17 at University College London, chaired by Dr. Nicole Yen-Yi Lee, Director of the Education Division.

The meeting was attended by 97 students, representing student societies at universities all around the country, some of whom had travelled to London from the Republic of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. 

The group received a warm welcome from Mr. David Y.L. Lin, the Representative for Taiwan in the UK, who encouraged the Taiwanese overseas students to make the most of their experience studying abroad and to seek personal enrichment, as well as pursuing their studies. He told them about the various services and forms of support available at the Taipei Representative Office in the UK to students from Taiwan, and he reminded the students to keep close watch over their passports and other belongings while living and travelling in the UK.

Dr. Lee then gave them some information and statistics about higher education and policy initiatives such as the Yushan Scholar Programme. This is designed to encourage overseas scholars like the students present to return to Taiwan after graduating from their respective universities, and draw on the skills fostered and their experiences during their time abroad to contribute to Taiwan’s future development.

A member of the metropolitan police was also present to answer questions and offer guidance on personal safety issues. The participants were advised how to avoid falling victim to crimes such as fraud, theft, assault, and drink-spiking.  

The meeting ended after some free time spent socialising at the venue. Then the students staying in London were delighted to join a three-hour evening dinner cruise along the River Thames.

Photo:Dr. Nicole Yen-Yi Lee (4th from right) with Taiwanese Student Society Presidents attending the annual meeting.