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Taiwan Education Center in Malaysia Holds Teaching Training Seminar for Malaysian Secondary School Teachers

Taiwan Education Center in Malaysia Holds Teaching Training Seminar for Malaysian Secondary School Teachers

The Taiwan Education Center, Malaysia (TECM) organized a 2-day seminar on Teaching Training for Chinese language teachers of Malaysia national secondary schools, working in conjunction with the Institute of Chinese Studies at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), and the Selangor State Education Department. The seminar, held at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman’s Sungai Long Campus on November 17 and 18, drew one hundred participants. 

Prof. Chu Wen-Yi, Deputy Vice President for Academic Affairs at National Taiwan University; Mr. Wong Chong Way, Senior Assistant Director of Chinese Language at Selangor State Education Department, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tee Boon Chuan, Deputy Dean of R&D and Postgraduate Programmes in the Institute of Chinese Studies at UTAR, and Mr. Chang Jiunn-Jiun, Director of the Education Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia also attended the seminar.

The seminar was divided into three parts. Assistant Prof. Chu Ching-Hua from National Taiwan University presented the first part, on the Practice of Flipped Learning and Chinese Language Teaching. Professor Wu Yuh-Yin from the Department of Psychology and Counseling at National Taipei University of Education hosted the second part, on “Nurturing Young Minds” on the importance of developing positive teacher-student relationships 

In the third part of the seminar, Assistant Prof. Dr. Wong Lih from the Institute of Chinese Studies at UTAR, talked about Malaysian Chinese literature in the secondary school curriculum. 

As well as introducing more teachers to Malaysian Chinese literature, an area of the secondary school curriculum that people are relatively unfamiliar with, the seminar covered teaching fundamentals, different theoretical aspects of teacher-student psychology to build up quality teaching and student learning environments. There were also valuable opportunities for teachers to share details of their personal teaching experiences.

The organizers hope that the discussion and exchanges during the seminar will help the participants to enhance their teaching skills and spur their secondary students’ interest in and commitment to learning the Chinese language. 

Photo:The seminar participants with the organizer and VIPs.