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Dr. Makoto Gonokami, President of the University of Tokyo, visits Taiwan

Dr. Makoto Gonokami, President of the University of Tokyo, visits Taiwan

Dr. Makoto Gonokami, President of the University of Tokyo, visited Taiwan from December 10 to 12 at the invitation of the Ministry of Education (MOE), accompanied by Professor Teruo Fujii, his Vice President, and a delegation of academic staff members.

During their stay in Taiwan, the delegation visited a number of leading universities and research institutes, including National Taiwan University and Academia Sinica, and discussed cooperative models and research fields for specific possible joint research projects. They also participated in the 2018 NTU–UTokyo Joint Conference and a gathering held by the University of Tokyo Alumni Association in Taiwan. 

The Minister of Education, Dr. Jiunn-Rong Yeh, hosted a dinner on December 10 to welcome the delegation. Political Deputy Minister, Leehter Yao, and representatives of National Taiwan University, National Tsing Hua University, National Chiao Tung University, and National Chengchi University also attended, and prospects for enhancing substantial cooperation were discussed.

Minister Yeh said in his welcoming remarks, that Japan is always one of our most important educational cooperation and exchange partners, and that he very much looks forward to strengthening this international partnership by fostering further collaborations with the University of Tokyo in the areas of education, research, and innovation.

Dr. Gonokami also expressed his appreciation for the close relationship between his country and Taiwan. He said that he anticipates that substantive cooperation between higher education institutions, research institutes and industries in Taiwan and his university will deepen and broaden, especially through the promotion of exchanges of students and researchers and the exploring of new collaborative opportunities. 

Photo:Minister Yeh presenting Dr. Gonokami (left) with a gift.