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The Official Title Logo Board Opening of the Ministry of Education

The Official Title Logo Board Opening of the Ministry of Education

The Minister Wen-Chung Pan, held a simple lighting ceremony for the new Title Logo Board of the Ministry of Education, and listened to the designer Bing-Hong Zhong explain his design concepts on 15, January, 2019.

The new Title Board of the Ministry of Education is designed with blackface sans serif characters: to emphasize stability, uniformity, high recognition and clarity, and present a simple yet refined atmosphere. In recognition of the New Southbound Policy, the seven languages of the New Southbound Countries are especially inscribed on the title logo, including Malay, Cambodian, Filipino, Lao, Burmese, Thai, and Vietnamese. Along with English and Chinese, there are nine languages represented on the board altogether. 

The Ministry of Education is currently carrying out an actively people-oriented New Southbound Policy, and developing substantive exchanges with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and New Southbound Countries. There were more than 41,000 students from the New Southbound Countries who studied or participated in exchange programs in Taiwan during the academic year 106. A total of 92 international courses, involving 2,391 students from the New Southbound countries were launched with cooperation between industry and schools. The Ministry of Education has edited 53 tomes in new inhabitants’ languages teaching materials; and the supporting members of inhabitants’ languages teaching cultivation includes 1,698 persons who will assist the Ministry in  promoting both cooperation and exchanges with New Southbound countries, and cultivation of professional talents.  

The Ministry of Education hopes to convey the concepts of Art, Education, and the New Southbound Policy to the public via the new Title Logo Board, so that the people of Taiwan will become acquainted with a fresh image of the Ministry.