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2019 Global Youth Trends Forum — Action Plans from 26 Countries Create an ideal new world

2019 Global Youth Trends Forum — Action Plans from 26 Countries Create an ideal new world

Gathering outstanding young people from five continents all over the world, the 2019 Global Youth Trends Forum has reached the climax of the on the afternoon of November 10. After the active discussions and exchanges for two days, the youths from 26 countries have put forward action plans regarding the three topics, including examining the differences between innovative and traditional education from the perspective of youth, and further discussing the next step of education; turning back to hometown for the land and culture that raise us, and exploring how to revitalize local settlements; looking into the future of science and technology, and bringing technological intelligence into life to improve the well-being of all mankind. The content not only shows the youths' creativity and ingenuity, but it also emphasizes the feasibleness. That is to say, this Forum is not only discussions over some issues, but it allows the youths to produce practical action plans that can be really applied in the future, which can push the sustainable development of youth affairs.

The Ministry of Education Chief Secretary Dr. Chu Nan-Shyan also visited the venue, listening to the youths' thoughts and prospects for the future. First, the Taiwan delegation put forward proposals for the main issues of this year's Forum. For Regional Revitalization, the delegation suggested home exchange, CSR, and USR program, which were consistent with the concept mentioned by Vice President Chen Jien-Jen during the opening speech as "What to contribute to the society", to encourage the youth engaged in public affairs. For the Education Creativity, the delegation mentioned about the visit to the Natural Way Experimental Elementary School, which was arranged by Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education. Through the visit, the youth came up with creative ideas, such as "flip the classroom", and collaboration between public and private sectors to develop SDGs. As for Smart Living, the delegation talked about how to strengthen the connection between generations through ICT and mobile hospital since the world is now faced with aging problems.
In Dr. Chu's speech, he first expressed the gratitude to Youth Pilot and foreign delegations and participants for joining the forum. Through discussions, all the participants came up with brilliant ideas to bring changes to the society, making the world a better place. And Chu added that he was happy to see everyone built the partnership with each other. In addition, Dr. Chu mentioned that according to, Taiwan was ranked the first place as the most friendly country to live and to work, and it all thanks to the high quality health care system, multiple job opportunities, and friendly living environment. From this forum, the participants can definitely learned the beauty of Taiwan. 

After the speech, Dr. Chu announced the best three action proposals. Poland delegation was ranked the first place in Education Creativity. To solve the problem that young people in Poland lacking participation in decision making process in education system, the delegation has presented several system-based solutions: students' councils, school participatory budgets and school councils, and suggested more informal education activities. The Ireland delegation was ranked the first place in Regional Revitalization. To solve the pollution problem caused by The Wild Atlantic Way tourism, the delegation suggested to educate students from 4-18, the locals and the tourists, to keep the environment and tourism sustainable. And last but not least, the Malaysia delegation was ranked the first place in Smart Living. The delegation focused on traffic congestion, and proposed to design a confined space with adoption of high technology facilities and a handy application.
All the participants have brought all the knowledge learned in this Forum together and came up with brilliant ideas to bring positive changes to the world. 

While the forum has all the delegations from different countries, the forum has form up Youth Pilot team for the very first time, to look deep into various issues and came up with several solutions. One of the member of Youth Pilot, Lin Zhong-You, called for young people to turn solution into reality, and participate in Regional Revitalization. Aother member Huang wei-hsiang mentioned that people, nature, and culture are essential elements for Educational Creativity, while member Hsu-Tao gave special thanks to all delegates who put effort in creating Smart Living with technology.

During the cross-border exchanges of this Forum, great deals of innovative ideas have been inspired. At the closing ceremony, led by Dr. Chu, everyone shouted "Youth POP" and threw the streamers to the air at the same time. The colorful streamers were filling the venue with joy, energy, and expectation for the future. The continuous streamers symbolized the continuous exchange of young people from all over the world. The closing of the 2019 Global Youth Trends Forum is not the end, but a milestone for the future; it also makes us look forward to the arrival of the 2020 Global Youth Trends Forum. 

After the wonderful exchanges of the Forum and the amazing Cultural Night contributed by 26 countries, the youths from all over the world have gained a deeper knowledge of their respective cultures and views. During the exchanges and interactions with young people from different countries, they have also learned the influence and mission that young people have carried in this era. At the end of the Forum, everyone promised that they would come back to Taiwan and continue to work hard on making changes to the world.

In the future, all countries in the world will be faced with challenges and impacts that have no boundaries. Many difficult issues require cross-border cooperation and negotiation for solutions. Aside from the government's policy formulation, it is important for global youth to participate and make their contributions. Feel like to broaden your horizons and grasp a better understanding of the world? Feel like to jointly build an ideal blueprint for our generations with young people from all over the world? If you want to know the most updated information of the Global Youth Trends Forum and international exchanges, you must not miss next year's Global Youth Trends Forum! For more information regarding the event, please visit the official website of Youth Development Administration of the Ministry of Education ( and the iYouth Platform for Making Youth's International Dream Happen (