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Taiwanese International Yi Yun Hsu arrives in Flanders

Taiwanese International Yi Yun Hsu arrives in Flanders

For the first time ever a female Taiwanese soccer player has become part of a Flemish team. Taiwanese international, Yi Yun Hsu, joined Team Moldavo which is based in Mol, in December, 2019. As soon as her transfer and training is complete, she will officially join their A-team, which plays in the first national category.

For Yi Yun Hsu the move is a big change, but so far it has been a positive experience. She has been warmly welcomed by the other players in her team and finds the atmosphere in Belgium much more relaxed than Taiwan’s.

Hsu’s transfer came about through trainer Guy Peeters. His club has been working together with the Taiwanese club Hangyang for several years, and two years ago, two of Moldavo’s trainers visited Taiwan to give training workshops and demonstrations. This led to some Taiwanese boys participating in soccer camps organized in Belgium. It became possible for Taiwanese exchange students to go to Belgium, and new opportunities opened up, leading to the arrival of Yi Yun Hsu.  She initially intended to arrive in Belgium at the beginning of the soccer season, but visa problems delayed her getting a study and work visa.

Hsu hopes her time with Moldavo and being in Europe will benefit her sport and enrich her personally. Professional soccer is a very unusual field of endeavor for a woman, when she divulged her plans, and many people close to her thought this was a mad idea. The Taiwanese soccer union, however, realized the wonderful opportunity she was being given and gladly gave her their wholehearted support. Hsu hopes to make a living teaching the local youth team, but first and foremost she needs to learn Dutch. If things go well, her initial plan to stay one year in Belgium might be prolonged.