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Education in Taiwan Symposium Held in Tokyo

Huang Guan-Chau, Director of the Education Division, giving a presentation on Education in Taiwan

The Education Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office (TECRO) in Japan and the Tokyo Private School Association jointly organized a Symposium on Education in Taiwan, held on February 21. The symposium presented the current education developments in Taiwan and the range of exchanges between high schools in Taiwan and in Japan. Educators in both countries hope to create better international education and learning environments through the exchange of teachers and students.


The Tokyo Private School Association is an association of 419 private secondary schools in Tokyo. The number of Japanese high school students and young people studying in Taiwan has increased significantly, and the symposium was organized to assist its member schools to have an in-depth understanding of exchanges with Taiwan and to further them. Approximately 50 member schools attended.

Huang Guan-Chau, Director of the Education Division of TECRO Japan gave a keynote presentation on the current education situation in Taiwan.

Mr. Oikawa Ken (及川謙), the director of the International Department at Seijo High School (成城高校), who led a group of twenty students to Taiwan for a week last year, told other attendees that he was very impressed by the second language education and the promotion and implantation of international exchanges by schools in Taiwan.

He also praised the high-quality facilities and environment of Taiwan's higher education and said that one of the students in the group had decided to study in Taiwan after graduating from high school.

During the symposium, many school representatives reported that they are planning to have more exchanges with high schools in Taiwan. The Education Division agreed to assist them to find in matching schools and build bilateral ties.