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(Tailand) Dr. Pornchai Matangkasombut


2005.03.25-31 Visitors from Thailand's Mahidol University

(Tailand) Dr. Pornchai MatangkasombutDrs. Pornchai (as the foto) and Oraphan Matangkasombut and colleagues from Thailand's Mahidol University have arrived in Taiwan as guests of the Ministry of Education.

The purpose for their visit is to gain a better understanding of the Taiwan's economic and political development, health care systems and Taiwan's Institutions of Higher Education, including the Executive Yuan's Department of Health, the Academic Sinica and the National Taiwan University and the National Taiwan University Hospital, the National Yang Ming University and the Taipei Veterans General Hospital, the National Tsing Hua University, the National Chiao Tung University, the China Medical University/Hospital Center and the Tsu Chi University and the Tsu Chi Hospital.

Their visit will also include scheduled meetings at Hsinchu's Industrial Technology Research Institute and Industrial Park.