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2008 Jan-Apr: Invitations and Meetings with Foreign Guests

Date Nation Brief description of event Nature # of persons
04.25 Sweden Liu banquets Kerstin Sahlin, vice president of Uppsala University, Sweden, and entourage(jpg file) Invitation to banquet 2
04.21 US Liu receives He Qiu Mei-yu, member of US office of Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission(jpg file)(bmp file) Visiting 1
04.21 Vietnam Liu receives 6-member delegation led by The-Tioi Le from Danang City's Foreign Affairs Dept and University of Danang (jpg file) Visiting 6
04.11 France Lu banquets Jacques Moisan, chief supervisor, Ministry of Education, France , and entourage Invitation to banquet 4
04.08  US Huei-Wen Hsu, chief of Cultural Division, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Chicago, banquets 14 educational chiefs from the states of Indiana and Michigan (bmp file) Invitation to banquet 14
04.08 France Cao Pei-lin , Cultural Councilor of BICER, receives Marc Gontard, president of University of Rennes II , France Visiting 1
04.07 Canada Liu receives Line DUBE, director of International Affairs, College of Technology, University of Montreal, Canada (bmp file) Visiting 1
03.28 Canada Cao receives mayor of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, and entourage(bmp file) Visiting 8
03.28 US Cao banquets Byron Green, head of Human Resources, Clark County, Nevada, USA and Robert Gerye, and entourage(bmp file)(bmp file) Invitation to banquet 2
03.27 Japan Liu banquets delegation of Japan students participating in The Fifth Taiwan Japan Exchange Youth Scholarship Program Invitation to banquet 30
03.25 Ukraine Minister Tu banquets Andrei, president of a foundation in Ukraine(jpg file) Invitation to banquet 1
03.24 Japan Cao receives director of Admissions, Hiroshima University, Japan, and entourage(bmp file) Visiting 2
03.21 Finland Lu receives Sinikka Hurskainen, MP of Finland, and entourage Visiting 4
03.19 Belgium Tu receives Alain Destexhe, Senator of Belgium, and entourage(jpg file) Visiting 2
03.17 Malaysia Chu Nan-hsien, director of the ministry's Social Education Department receives Ngee-Meng Quek, head of Lifelong Learning Corps, Malaysian Chinese Association, and entourage(bmp file) Visiting 4
03.17 US Liu receives Adam Clayton Powell, vice president, International Affairs, University of Southern California Visiting 1
03.13 US Liu receive 10-member delegation of Nevada State Councilors, USA(bmp file) Visiting 10
03.12 New Zealand Cao receives Robyn McCollum, Manager of International Marketing, Waikato Institute of Technology, New Zealand(bmp file) Visiting  1
03.11 Germany Liu receives Prof Gunter Schubert, University of Tubingen, Germany(jpg file) Visiting 1
03.07 Latin America Lu banquets 13 representatives attending Seminar on Education Reform for Latin America and Caribbean Region Invitation to banquet 13
03.07 Lithuania Lu receives Virginija Budiene, Vice Minister of Education and Science , Lithuania , and entourage Visiting 3
03.05 Japan Liu receives Itomura Shosuke, president of Okinawa National College of Technology, Japan, and entourage Visiting 3
03.04 Canada Liu banquets Rosaline Kwan, deputy representative of Canadian Trade Office in Taipei(bmp file) Invitation to banquet 3
02.25 Japan Cao receives 2 directors from The Asian-Pacific Children's Convention in Fukuoka , Japan Visiting 2
02.27 Australia Lin banquets Prof Nicolas Peterson, Archeology and Anthropology, Australian National University(bmp file) Invitation to banquet 1
02.22 Japan Cao receives threee persons from Tokyo Marine Risk Consultancy, Japan , and entourage Visiting 3
02.20 Japan Lu receives director of Association for Educational Exchange between Japan and Taiwan(jpg file) Visiting 1
02.15 Canada Liu banquets Jean-Jacques Van Vlaselaer, associate professor of Carleton University, Canada(bmp file) Invitation to banquet
01.30 Japan Tu is interviewed by Yakushiji, editor-in-chief of a monthly of The Asahi Shimbun, and Katsuyuki(jpg file) Visiting 2
01.28 Korea/
South African/
Lu is interviewed by international news media Visiting 6
01.18 Thailand Chang Chin-sheng, chief of BICER, receives Dr Thep Phongparnich, president of Maejo University, Thailand, and entourage(jpg file) Visiting 2
01.17 Philippines Tu receives Hector Navasero, chairman of Philippine Southeast Asia Baseball Association and Philippine Baseball Associati(jpg file)on Visiting 1
01.16 Australia Chang banquets Prof Bruce Jacobs, Monash University, Australia(jpg file) Invitation to banquet 1
01.09 Vietnam Chang banquets Viet-Dung Le, vice president of Can Tho University, Vietnam (jpg file) Invitation to banquet 1

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