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2007 Jan-Apr: Invitations and Meetings with Foreign Guests

Date Nation Brief description of event Nature # of persons
04.25 Israel Tu receives Hon Raphael Gamzou, representative from Israel Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei Visiting 1
04.23 Malaysia Lin receives Malaysia MPs Dato'Razali bin ismail, Dr Mohamed Razali bin Hj. Che Mamat, and Dr Hj. Mat Yasir bin Hi Visiting 3
04.23 Japan Tu interviewed by Tamura Hirotsugu, correspondent of The Asahi Shimbun, Japan(jpg file) Invitation to
04.20 Australia Lu receives Terence John O'Neill, head of School of Finance and Applied Statistics, Australian National University and Australia Economic Consultant(jpg file) Visiting 1
04.11 Singapore Lu receives 4 professors from Nanyang Technological University(jpg file) Visiting 4
03.27 France Lu receives Daniel CRIMM, vice president of Intergroupe des ecoles centrales, France Visiting 1
03.26 UK Chang Chin-sheng banquets Prof Steve Pettitt, vice president of Bedfordshire University , UK , and entourage Invitation to
03.26 Austria Tu receives Christian Stoger, reporter from Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, and entourage Visiting 2
03.23 Paraguay Chang Chin-sheng banquets two Paraguayan professors of the Spanish language 2
03.20 Sweden Lin receives Anita Jonsson, former representative of Swedish Trade Council -- Taipei and an entourage Visiting 2
03.20 Sweden Lu receives Begnt Johansson, Minister for EU Affairs, Prime Minister's Office , Sweden , and entourage Visiting 2
03.08 UK Tu banquets Michael Reilly, representative from British Trade & Cultural Office in Taiwan , and entourage    
03.02 France Lu banquets Joel Bellassen, chief supervisor of the Teaching of Chinese, Ministry of Education, France , and entourage Invitation to
02.09 Latvia Tu receives Ina Druviete, MP of Latvia Visiting 1
01.08 Japan Lin receives Delegation of Japan Primary and Secondary School Teachers Visiting Taiwan Visiting