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Experience Astonishment from the Mountains to the Sea Let’s Go Cycling Together through Cities and Towns You Can Determine The Best Highlight Bicycle Route before May 21


Since the start of ‘The Best Highlight Bicycle Route Vote’ organized by the Sports Administration, Ministry of Education (abbreviated as SA) on April 22, 2020, the gap between the votes for many bike routes is extremely close. The leaders are: the Tainan Liuying (Chamuying) Bikeway temporarily occupying the first place, the New Taipei city Keelung Riverside Bikeway temporarily occupying the second place, and the Kinmen Jincheng Township Bikeway temporarily occupying the third place. The competition for the highest number of votes is fierce, and your vote will determine the best highlight bikeway.

In order to promote local bicycle routes, all counties and cities have started to drum up votes. This vote will end on May 21 this year. The list of winners and the results of the voters prize draw will be announced on June 3, ‘World Bicycle Day’. The SA invites the public to search for the keyword ‘Topcycling’ on the Internet and vote for the "Best Highlight Bicycle Route". The website address is